In a new phase of the journey, which began in Morocco and later visited Marseille, Sea2see’s creative team visited the fish markets of Seoul and their vibrant fish sellers’ stalls. The photographer and filmmaker, Edouard Valette, ( worked again with local models in South Korea, creating the memorable visuals which feature Sea2see products.

The image series has been fully integrated as a key focus of the Sea2see visual campaign for 2024, acting as a reminder that in all parts of the world, the problems of plastic contamination remains critical, even if unseen in daily life or in places such as local fish markets which are completely reliant on the bounty of the sea.

“I have integrated our photographic series by Edouard Valette  into our campaign for 2024…to provoke thought, action, commitment to our cause…behind Sea2see eyewear, we are always focused on raising further awareness about ocean pollution and collecting and removing polluting plastics from the environment …..these images, even if fashion, are a poignant reminder of what we must do…”
François van den Abeele, Founder, Sea2see