For the first time, optical retailers can purchase Setex’s industry-leading eyeglass nose pads for their patients at wholesale prices. These anti-slip nose pads, produced using high grip materials that were inspired by gecko lizards, were previously available only to consumers through e-commerce channels like, where the Setex brand has built a 40% market share in the stick-on nose pad category.

“We’ve taken what used to be a giveaway item at optical retail, a stick-on nose pad, and engineered maximum performance to help patients with eyewear fit or slipping challenges,” said Paul Glass, Setex Technologies’ Director of Consumer Products. “Because consumer response has been so tremendous, we launched a new website,, so optical retailers can order our products at wholesale prices and resell to patients who will benefit from the additional grip or height on the nose bridge of full-frame eyewear.”

The Setex team, which exhibited at Vision Expo East for the first time this year, had an enthusiastic response from eye care professionals attending the event. “Everyone has a subset of patients who struggle with getting a perfect fit, whether it’s due to face shape, frame selection, or getting a progressive lens aligned just right,” says Glass. “Providers are seeing a real opportunity to use our products to improve their patients’ satisfaction, while freeing up more time for their business.”

As far back as Aristotle, researchers have been fascinated by the amazing sticking ability of gecko lizards, and their ability to climb and stick to a wide range of surfaces. Through microscopic imaging, scientists determined that it is the micro- and nanoscopic hairs that grow from geckos’ toes that make them so great at gripping. Over the past decade the team at Setex Technologies developed patented methods to mass produce polymer parts that incorporate gecko-like micro-hairs into finished products, like eyewear nose pads. Thanks to these structures, Setex products grip 250% better than competing nose pads on wet or oily skin.

“’Wow’ was the first word that left my mouth the moment I realized my glasses weren’t sliding down my nose anymore,” says Kelsea Brown, OD, an optometrist who practices at MyEyeDr. in Atlanta, GA. “I appreciate that Setex has created a product that is perfect for every bridge type with multiple thickness and color options. They are super comfortable, easy to clean, and effective. A triple threat that I often recommend to many of my patients.”

Setex nose pads are available in a range of thicknesses and colors, including a newly-launched kids’ size, designed to fit small frames.

About Setex Technologies, Inc.
Setex Technologies, Inc. is a privately held developer and manufacturer of gecko-inspired gripping and dry adhesive technology used in applications ranging from eyeglass nose pads to semiconductor and glass handling to automotive upholstery fastening. The company was spun out of Carnegie Mellon University in 2009. It occupies over 12,000 square feet of space in Pittsburgh, PA and makes all of its products in Western Pennsylvania. For more information about Setex and Setex nose pad products visit For wholesale information, visit For consumer information, visit