Plastic titanium and a “positive” palette designed to stand out


HILX has a new approach to creativity and comfort, focusing on the individual, who nowadays is looking for exclusive accessories without sacrificing both well-being and comfort.


Sporty, extremely comfortable and resistant, HILX optical collection – marketed in Europe by Danshari Srl, a company founded by Giuseppe La Boria in 2020 – offers a sport-fashion look for autumn-winter in three new coloursOrange, Blue and Gray.


Flow, Realm, Envoy and Awaken are some of the top models of HILX optical collection and are characterized by the extra light and extremely resistant and flexible TR90 plastic titanium frame. The extreme practicality and elasticity of the frames is also given using the multi-axis and four-directional hinge AKTIV ™, HILX patented technology, characterized by a suspension mechanism that allows the temples to move freely on the four axes, free to absorb any shocks or movements and creating great comfort. The frame thus maintains a perfect and comfortable fit. The temple can be replaced simply with two screws.


The frames feature a modern, ultra-light and flexible design and numerous small details – such as the rubber inserts on the temples – which guarantee a perfect fit. They also offer two-size silicone nose pads that can fit any nose comfortably. These customizations, combined with the innovative AKTIV ™ ️ hinge, guarantee unquestionable comfort for the wearer.


Some models have a cut on the upper part of the lens and holes in the frame to avoid fogging problems during sports. The result is a frame with an aerodynamic and comfortable design, perfect for those who love to live outdoors and practice sports.


Light as a feather, resistant as rock, this is the motto of the HILX brand.


Danshari Srl

Danshari Srl – company founded in 2020 by Giuseppe La Boria – debuted on the market with the exclusive Made in Japan collection of the homonymous brand Danshari, made of acetate and pure Japanese titanium, which offers extremely light and flexible frames, with a refined and elegant design. In line with the concept of minimalism that inspires the brand, the collection is designed to offer the consumer timeless eyewear capable of satisfying their only true desire: the natural need for beauty, quality and essentiality.

“Armenian Soul” is the new collection of the brand Dansharian, born in 2022 from the collaboration between Danshari and Alain Miklitarian – the creative genius who revolutionized the concept of eyewear. Danshari Srl is also the main distributor of Hilx, sports brand characterized by an ultralight design and an innovative multidirectional hinge that guarantees comfort during any type of movement.



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