Copenhagen, Denmark The Icon Best Seller Concept at MONOQOOL represents a one-of-a-kind sales formula for success, designed to give optical retailers all the tools they need to grow their sales of 3D printed MONOQOOL frames. By following simple steps and focusing on the Top 50 Best sellers in the MONOQOOL 3D printed eyewear collection, optical retailers can experience consistent high stock turnover.


The Concept is based on an initial investment of a permanent display of 40 MONOQOOL frames to be able to achieve sales of 60+ frames in the first year of implementing the Best Seller Concept. Key to this success is a commitment to re-ordering the fast selling frames, to maximise sales and customer engagement. The selection of frames is carefully considered and curated according to the needs of the optician, mixing Icon Best Seller styles with other unique frames to suit the store.

“We have studied and developed this unique sales Concept over time; it is tried and tested and very powerful as a sales strategy. After many requests from optical retailers we work closely with, we have now taken steps to formalise the Icon Best Seller Concept via a new printed guide that the optician can follow and always have at hand.” Allan Petersen, CEO, MONOQOOL

Moreover, in support of the Concept, MONOQOOL provides an essential Danish-designed Shop Display System, to perfectly present the frames and the technology behind them, a system which ensures that each frame design is exhibited for its individual qualities of lightness and comfort, as well as creative build and fashionable, up-to-the-minute styling.

MONOQOOL will exhibit at the trade fair OPTI Munich from 13th to 15th May 2022. The company will show its latest 3D printed frame collection, and its new state-of-the-art Shop Display System. The company will also be able to provide all opticians visiting the stand with their Icon Best Seller Concept in an easy to use illustrated printed guide.


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