Today, Transitions® GEN S™, the highly anticipated, ultra-responsive to light lens from Transitions Optical has launched in Canada. The launch marks a technological revolution and an exciting new chapter, inviting wearers on a journey of innovation. Through randomized controlled clinical trials, some of the world’s leading, independent vision experts have demonstrated that Transitions GEN S provides better vision quality, faster1

Transitions GEN S lenses set a new standard in the future of the optical world that pushes the boundaries of traditional prescription lenses. “People want more from their eyeglasses than just correction, and Transitions GEN S delivers, going above and beyond their expectations,” said Arnaud Rajchenbach, Marketing and Sales Manager, Transitions Optical in Canada. “Our research and development team created a revolutionary lens that is not only intuitive and smart but allows for an elevated experience of complete pairing opportunities through a large colour palette that enables wearers to personalize their looks with vibrant colours to match any frame.”

Revealed in February at Transitions Academy in Orlando, Florida, Transitions GEN S, has already been receiving spectacular feedback from wearers. “… they are quick. That speed to me is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before,” commented one wearer. Watch the full video on wearer’s reactions and feedback to the new lens here.

“Patients deserve the best vision care we can offer, and light management is key. To achieve its mission, Transitions Optical offers a solution for comprehensive vision that goes beyond traditional correction. Today, we have a real opportunity to improve patients’ vision care with Transitions GEN S lenses. We call it HD vision at the speed of your life: see well in all light conditions, dynamic, intuitive, and adaptive, with better vision quality, faster1. It is set to become a key recommendation for eyecare professionals,” said Rajchenbach. “Why prescribe a traditional, static lens when wearers can have Transitions GEN S ultra-dynamic lenses that fit their lifestyle?”

Transitions GEN S delivers unparalleled performances with a unique vision: to embrace the synergy of speed, darkness and colour without sacrificing any other performance aspect.

GEN SPEED™: Ultra-responsive to light   

Transitions GEN S is the fastest dark lens2 in the clear to dark photochromic category. It is fully clear indoors and darkens in seconds3 outdoors. It is ultra-responsive to light, reaching category three levels of darkness in 25 seconds4* and fading back in less than two minutes5*. In fact, when asked 88% of wearers agreed that Transitions GEN S lenses adapted so fast to light that they didn’t or barely noticed the change6*

GEN STYLE™: Spectacular colour palette 

Transitions GEN S is available in eight exclusive colours, including a brand-new addition: Transitions GEN S ruby. All colours have been optimised to be true to tone at all stages, offering vibrant tints in any light. While being fully clear indoors, and beautifully coloured outdoors, Transitions GEN S provides endless possibilities of pairing to complement any look.  

GEN SMART™: HD vision at the speed of your life

Transitions GEN S offers better vision quality, faster to ensure a continuous visual experience7A* versus clear lenses. During fade back, tests have shown a 39.5% improvement in contrast sensitivity7B* and 40% faster vision recovery 7B* versus the previous generation. 

Moreover, Transitions GEN S provides ultimate light protection, darkening outdoors, blocking 100 percent UVA & UVB rays and filtering up to 32 percent of blue violet light in the clear state and up to 85 percent when activated8

Transitions GEN S innovation elevates the vision experience from a must wear to a ‘love wear’ experience that follows the ever-changing rhythm of life.  

Learn more about Transitions GEN S at www.transitionspro.com/gens.

About the Transitions® Brand

Transitions® eyeglass lenses and shields set new standards of advanced performance to provide ever increasing visual comfort, and always blocking 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Product leadership, consumer focus, and operational excellence have made the Transitions® brand one of the most recognized consumer brands in optics. For more information about Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses™, visit Transitions.com or Transitions.com/en-canadapro/.

 *Tests carried out on grey lenses. Photochromic performance may vary across colours and lens materials and is influenced by temperature and UV exposure.  


  1. Vision quality improved in challenging light conditions, notably when moving from a bright to a darker environment (source B, Transitions® GEN S™ compared to Transitions Signature GEN 8), in bright to very bright light situations (source A, Transitions® GEN S™ compared to clear lenses) and in low light with peaky stray light (source A, Transitions® GEN S™ compared to clear lenses). 
  2. For gray lenses in the clear to dark (category 3) photochromic category. Transitions® GEN S™ lenses fade back faster to 70% transmission while achieving less than 14% transmission when activated at @ 23°C.    
  3. For polycarbonate & CR39 lenses across colors achieving 18% transmission at 23°C. 
  4. For gray polycarbonate & CR39 lenses achieving 18% transmission @ 23°C.   
  5. For gray polycarbonate & CR39 lenses with a premium anti-reflective coating fading back to 70% transmission @ 23°C. 
  6. Source: Wearers Test conducted by an external market research agency in the US in Q1, 2023 with 135 prescription lens wearers wearing 1.67 index lenses with a premium AR coating in gray Transitions® GEN S™. 
  7. A: Subject-masked cross-over randomized controlled investigation performed in 2023 on 30 healthy participants (19.2 ± 1.3 years). Testing light stress (discomfort and disability glare, photostress recovery) with the clear and darkest states of gray Transitions® GEN S™ 1.6 index lenses with a premium anti-reflective coating compared to clear 1.6 index lenses with a premium anti-reflective coating. Principal Investigator Prof Billy R. Hammond. 
  8. B: Subject-masked cross-over randomized controlled investigation performed in 2023 on 10 healthy pre-trained participants (29.5 ± 4.0 years). Testing contrast sensitivity during fade back with gray Transitions® GEN S™ 1.6 index lenses with a premium anti-reflective coating compared to gray Transitions Signature GEN 8 1.6 index lenses with a premium anti-reflective coating. Principal Investigator Prof Pablo Artal. Accepted abstract at ARVO 2024. Duarte-Toledo R, Mompeán J et al., A new photochromic lens improves contrast sensitivity during fade back. 
  9. For polycarbonate and CR39 lenses across colors. Blue-violet light is measured between 400nm and 455nm (ISO TR 20772:2018).