Pantone says new hue blends faithfulness of blue with energy of red


By Denis Langlois


The Pantone Colour Institute has, for the first time in history, created a brand new shade for its Colour of the Year.

Very Peri – a dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet-red undertone – has earned the title for 2022.

Blending the faithfulness and constancy of blue with the energy and excitement of red, this happiest and warmest of all the blue hues introduces an empowering mix of newness, Pantone says.

The organization notes we are living in transformative times and the new blue shade is a symbol of the transition we are currently going through. Emerging from an intense period of isolation, the Pantone Colour Institute says our notions and standards are changing and our physical and digital lives have merged in new ways.

“The Pantone Colour of the Year reflects what is taking place in our global culture, expressing what people are looking for that colour can hope to answer,” says Laurie Pressman, vice-president of the Pantone Colour Institute. “Creating a new colour for the first time in the history of our Pantone Colour of the Year educational colour program reflects the global innovation and transformation taking place. As society continues to recognize colour as a critical form of communication and as a way to express and affect ideas and emotions and engage and connect, the complexity of this new red-violet-infused blue hue highlights the expansive possibilities that lie before us.”

In honour of the 2022 Colour of the Year, here are some frames that we’re loving right now that feature a warm, friendly blue hue similar to Very Peri.