KLiiK denmark is known for its bold and sleek designs and its new Fiery Red campaign perfectly reflects the DNA of the brand.  The highly stylized campaign, shot in Los Angeles by famed fashion photographer Yu Tsai, highlights the 2023 optical collection which features a mix of thin and chunky profiles, oversized shapes, modern detailing, and custom lamination.  Inspired by Scandinavian design and specifically designed for men and women requiring smaller eyesizes, the 2023 KLiiK optical collection is on-trend while staying true to its minimalist roots.
The new campaign is set in a red room filled with red geometric objects for a striking, monochromatic look. The red wardrobe with hints of black and white and mixed materials add texture to the polished looks. “The campaign focuses on the brand’s signature red color. Highly stylistic yet minimalistic in nature, this concept emphasizes the clean lines of the simple setting, accentuating the frames design”, says Alexis Nyiro, Director of Marketing and Product Development at WestGroupe.  Images from the new campaign will be reflected in the 2023 KLiiK merchandising material and WestGroupe website and will also be available for COOP use by KLiiK retailers.
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About KLiiK denmark  
Taking its direction from the clean, modern aesthetic of Scandinavian design, KLiiK denmark eyewear is designed specifically for men and women requiring smaller eye sizes. The minimalist design is elevated through quality materials, bold coloration, custom design elements, and an array of interesting patterns and textures. KLiiK denmark offers a wide repertoire of styling for the narrow PD consumer with a strong sense of style.
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