OTP’s modern structures and shapes were designed for a fluid and weightless feel. Retro-inspired, yet on trend and fashion-forward, these four new styles feature shapes including modified-round, geometric, and square, as well as a balance between elevated neutrals, soft metallics, deep reds, and the classic tortoiseshell. Targeting Millennials who are fashionable, environmentally conscious, authentic, and individualistic, the new designs are made from biodegradable acetate, stainless steel, or a combination of the two, with sustainable, 100% recyclable MEM nose pads.

The vintage appeal of OTP-141, with its keyhole bridge and riveted front, is enhanced thanks to softly coloured translucent acetate, providing a softer look for the trendy oversized shape. A modified-round frame, it will undoubtedly appeal to the eco-conscious and fashionable customer with its biodegradable material. Available in soft, easy-to-wear, and adaptable neutrals like Arctic Blue, Dusty Rose, and Mint.
With its geometric shape, OTP-143 is designed with the fashion-forward consumer in mind. Subtly sculpted endpieces add a touch of luxury to this retro-inspired stainless steel frame, while the sustainable, 100 % recyclable MEM nose pads will appeal to the eco-conscious customer. Featured in the 2022 OTP eyewear campaign, this model is available in Black Gold, Iris Gold, and Dark Purple Gold.
Featured in the 2022 OTP eyewear campaign, OTP-144 is a geometric-shaped frame made of a combination of stainless steel and biodegradable acetate. The universal fit and chunky geometric shape provide the perfect balance between modern and retro. Stainless steel temples with acetate rims and endpieces complete the clean, seamless look. Available in Matte Black Gold, Tortoise Black, and Grey Gun.
The oversized square-shaped, OTP-145 is gender-neutral in design. Fun, unique, and stylish, this acetate style is made of biodegradable acetate available in Blue Grey Tort, Rose Tort, and Tortoise Crystal.