With the success of the Moleskine optical collection, the extension into clip-on sunglasses is a natural fit for the brand.  The launch includes seven models: four for men and three for women, all with the clean and minimalistic styling that embodies the Moleskine DNA. All designs are constructed from thin, lightweight acetate and feature the exclusive Moleskine hinge design that creates a spring effect without the need for welding or screws.
Eyeshapes are varied and include retro-inspired rounds and squares, classic rectangles, and soft cat-eyes. Colorways compliment the clean design and include classic torts and easy-to-wear hues that are sure to be popular with the Moleskine customer.  Super strong square magnets are seamlessly embedded in the front, providing not only a functional purpose, but also a decorative touch that elevates the design.
The new models’ sun clips are constructed from 1.00mm polarized Triacetate Cellulose (TAC) that is cut to the shape of the front. This seven-layer material is ultra-light weight, durable, and strong, while also providing 100% polarization and UV absorption. The square magnets on the lenses are held secure by a bi-component epoxy resin and have the same functional yet decorative element found on the frame. A laser-cut pattern adorns the sun clips, emphasizing the lens shape and adding a decorative touch, while a laser-etched logo on the top-right corner of the lenses adds subtle branding.
The iconic Moleskine optical case, completely coated in soft velvet to help prevent lens scratches, has been modified to host a second pocket specifically dedicated for the clip to ensure proper protection when not in use. Also included in the case is a customized cleaning cloth to ensure proper and safe lens cleaning.
A specially designed one-piece display will be available to help promote the new Moleskine magnetic sun clip range in-store.
About Moleskine
The Moleskine brand was born of legendary notebooks: the portable companions where artists, writers, and adventurers stored their ideas and memories. The eyewear collection is both naturally elegant and innovative, as well as functional and extremely lightweight.