OTP is the epitome of embodying who you are—no excuses, no pretending, just unapologetically you. Finding that One True Pair which reflects YOUR style, YOUR personality, and speaks to YOU. The brand’s new 2023 campaign clearly reflects that desire to stand out from the crowd in styles that showcase millennials’ personalities.
Set in a selfie museum of sorts, with geometric frames on the walls in stunning contrasting shades, the new campaign is sure to speak to the Instagram generation with its fun textures, mixed materials, and retro props.  The sustainable wardrobe featured in the campaign was a no-brainer for the eco-friendly brand, which offers biodegradable acetate, packaging, and lens materials, plus sustainably-crafted cases and recyclable nose pads.
“The Studio shoot takes place in playful environments that anyone would want to take a selfie in with bright, bold colors, and tonal upcycled accessories”, says Alexis Nyiro, Director of Marketing and Product Development at WestGroupe.
Images from the new campaign will be reflected in the 2023 OTP merchandising material and WestGroupe website and will also be available for COOP use by OTP customers.
Unique, and fun, the 2023 OTP eyewear collection features a mix of oversized silhouettes in thin and chunky profiles, plus retro detailing, hard-to-resist tortoise, and a wide range of finishes for a perfectly personalized style. Standout colors include mulberry, orchid, moss, and forest, all on-trend hues currently ruling the fashion runways.
To learn more about the OTP collection and the 2023 campaign, contact your local WestGroupe sales representative or visit