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Christopher and James Shyer, owners and co-CEOs of Zyloware, announce with great pride that the company turns 100 years old January 26, 2023.

The Zyloware family, which extends beyond the Shyers to its employees, partners, friends, and the optical industry, will be invited to celebrate — a century of helping people see a beautiful day every day — throughout the whole of 2023 with a series of events to mark this milestone.

From humble beginnings, Zyloware became one of the first manufacturers of Zyl frames and has proceeded to be recognized as one of the most trusted voices in the global optical industry. Zyloware, its brands and team of specialist have become go-to experts in eyewear design, marketing, quality assurance, inventory management, and operations, providing frames to millions of eyeglass wearers worldwide, every year.

“My dad always put a premium on relationships and the human connection – Henry’s legacy was about his relationships with our customers and friends. I feel many of our competitors followed suit, and our industry was molded based upon how my father did business.” – Jamie Shyer

Since its official incorporation in New York State on January 26 th , 1923, Zyloware has boasted a unique quality and business acumen unlike any other which has inevitably contributed to the success of the Family-owned company to span 100 years across three generations.

The Shyer’s family values have always been at the forefront of everything the business is and does. It was these values that Henry Shyer said would lead to Zyloware’s longevity; Never taking success for granted, treating employees and partners as family, listening intently, filling consumers’ vision and critical needs, and working to make our industry partners successful.

Zyloware puts its people first. Priding themselves on diversity, inclusion and an open-mindedness that generates the innovation, creativity, and an unrivalled loyalty to producing world class products and services helping customers flourish in a complex optical marketplace.

Zyloware has always been unafraid to push boundaries, bringing new products and brands to market. Bob and Henry most famously introduced the Invincible, the nearly indestructible nylon frame during the 1960s. They continued to blaze trails through the optical world during the 70s and 80s becoming the first licensee for eyewear of an American fashion designer (Gloria Vanderbilt), the first licensee of a
celebrity collection (Sophia Loren) and the first licensee of a men’s eyewear brand (Stetson). All three of
which continue to be among America’s top selling eyewear brands today.

In an industry of such monumental change over the past century, Zyloware’s focus has never wavered from their commitment to innovate and change. Chris and Jamie at the helm have kept the company evolving, most notably with their addition of edgy fashion eyewear for men by Randy Jackson who made wearing glasses cool every night on American Idol.

The company now boasts several leading fashion collections for women with Via Spiga, Leon Max and newly launched Halston in 2022 as well as men’s designer eyewear by Shaquille O’Neal and sports safety Shaq Eye Gear. Recognizing a changing America, Zyloware introduced Daisy Fuentes and will be adding to their portfolio CEV, an edgy designer collection from Pro-Bowl, NFL Linebacker Jaylon Smith at Vision
Expo in NYC this March.

Zyloware is devoted to the eyewear industry with a mission to help optical business thrive globally. They are doing this by expanding their expertise to address the recent changes in the optical marketplace and preparing for the future evolution of eyewear. Zyloware continues to pioneer with unique consumer- driven social media strategies and training assets for its retailers, creating customer-exclusive licensed
brands, and expanding private label collections.

For retailers to be successful they need to have their best-sellers available to customers at all times. Zyloware understands the importance of being able to deliver the right product at the right time so have invested heavily in supply chain and quality control to keep customers in stock.

“We have built a company of experts in marketing, supply chain, quality control and development enabling us to supply millions of frames annually to our customers in 17 countries across the world.” – Chris Shyer

Celebrating 100 years of business really is something we are proud of. We welcome everyone into our Zyloware family, inviting you to join us in celebration of what we have achieved the past 100 years, and what will be an even better 100 to come.