The Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society (TFOS), a world leader in eye health research and education, has announced the “10th International TFOS Conference on the Tear Film and Ocular Surface: Basic Science and Clinical Relevance” to be held from October 30th through November 2, 2024 at the Hilton Molino Stucky in VeniceItaly.

Conference objectives are two-fold. First, to assess the current knowledge and ‘state of the art’ research on the structure and function of tear film producing tissues, tears, and the ocular surface in both health and disease. Second, to promote an international exchange of information that will be of value to basic scientists involved in eye research, to clinicians in the eye care community, and to companies with an interest in the diagnosis and treatment of tear film and/or ocular surface disorders.

“This is the first in-person TFOS international conference since 2016! Although typically held every 4 years, the last TFOS Conference had to be canceled because of the global pandemic. We look forward to bringing everyone together once again,” noted David A. Sullivan, PhD, Founder, TFOS.

Platform Sessions:

  • Conference Address (“The future of tear film and ocular surface research”)
  • Ocular surface disease: What we do to ourselves
  • East, West, North, South: Impact of geographic region and ethnicity on the prevalence and management of ocular surface disease
  • New insights into the pathophysiology and management of catastrophic ocular surface diseases
  • Seeing differently: The meaning of blindness
  • Impact of glaucoma medications on the ocular surface and how ocular surface disease can influence glaucoma treatment
  • TFOS i2 Innovation Showcase
  • Meibomian gland dysfunction update
  • TFOS Dry Eye Workshop III (TFOS DEWS III)
  • Models and biomarkers for ocular surface disease
  • Did you know?
  • Limbal stem cell deficiency
  • Eye surgery, intravitreal injections and iatrogenic ocular surface disease
  • What a nerve!
  • The microbiome: Do we need to keep an eye on it?

Poster Presentations:

Abstract submission is open. All abstracts must be submitted no later than August 2, 2024. TFOS will inform first authors if their abstract was accepted within two weeks after abstract submission. All accepted abstracts, except those from invited speakers, will be assigned as poster presentations.

Registration for the TFOS Conference is available on:

“As we see the prevalence of dry eye continuing to increase, the TFOS Conference plays a critical role in convening top experts and highlighting the latest advancements in ocular surface disease treatments. We share TFOS’ commitment to address the needs of patient’s suffering from dry eye and other ocular surface conditions, which is why we look forward to being the title sponsor at the 10th International TFOS Conference,” said Yehia Hashad, M.D., executive vice president, Research and Development and chief medical officer, Bausch + Lomb.


TFOS Conference sponsors include Bausch + Lomb (Title Sponsor), Dompé, Bruder, Espansione Group, Brill International, SINQI, Hangzhou Mocular, SIFI, Essiri Labs, Laboratorios Sophia, Théa, Intalight, and Santen Pharmaceutical.

Founded in 2000, the Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society is a world leader in eye health education headquartered in BostonUSA. A 501(c)3 non-profit foundation, TFOS is dedicated to advancing the research, literacy, and educational aspects of the scientific field of the eye’s surface. More information about TFOS is available at:

Amy Gallant Sullivan
Executive Director

SOURCE TFOS – Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society