We are celebrating iF Design Award 2024 for the JF3056 Titanium & Carbon Series.

We are celebrating iF DESIGN AWARD 2024for the JF3056 Titanium & Carbon SeriesWe are extremely proud to announce that J.F. REY has just won an iF DESIGN AWARDfor the JF3056 titanium model, in the PRODUCT category. The innovative technology of this concept won over the 132 design experts on the jury of the iF InternationalForum Design GmbH, one of the world’s most renowned design awards.

We are extremely proud to announce that J.F.REY has just won an iFDESIGN AWARD for the JF3056 titanium model, in the PRODUCTcategory.A prestigious distinction that we share with our teams and partners who took part in this ambitious project, and especially with all our precious talents of the J.F. REY Design Studio. Their creative ingenuity and strong technical expertise have been unanimously recognized by the award of this iF label of quality and excellence, very sought-after in the design world. This recognition highlights our know-how and reinforces J.F. REY’s reputation as one of the leading innovators in the eyewear industry.

Innovation and Style

The JF3056 Titanium & Carbon Series is an optical frame made primarily of titanium, which makes it resistant to impact and wear, as well as lightweight for everyday comfort. Special features include a one-piece face with no welding up to the hinge, flat edges on the top and nose to accentuate its aero dynamic profile, and an exclusive patented hinge with no screws or welds. Integrated into the stainless-steel temples, this custom Flex hinge is enhanced by decorative carbon fiber inserts that add an extra touch of elegance to the frame.

The model proposes morphological temples adapted to a wide variety of face shapes. They feature acetate end-tips and a meta land epoxy resin logo. The model is offered in a range of satin-finish two-tone metallic colors. A top-of-the-range frame that harmoniously combines aesthetics and technicality: the J.F. REY’s design signature.

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