• The company’s current osmolarity testing has been used over 24 million times,
    with primary growth driven in cornea and premium cataract/refractive practices
  • Trukera Medical is positioned to expand its portfolio and address broader unmet
    needs focused on advancing corneal health
    SOUTHLAKE, Texas, Sept. 7, 2022 – TearLab® Corporation, the global leader in
    ophthalmic point-of-care diagnostics, announced today that it will be expanding its
    position in corneal health under the new name Trukera™ Medical. The rebranding
    reflects the company’s vision and future growth strategy targeting a broader set of
    unmet needs across corneal health.
    “We continue to remain dedicated to the advancement of corneal health. Our decision
    to rebrand as Trukera Medical represents our history as pioneers of point-of-care
    testing for corneal disease, while also more clearly reflecting where we’re going next,”
    said Trukera Medical CEO Adam Szaronos. “We expect to see strong continued growth
    ahead with point-of-care diagnostics, driven primarily by practices specializing in cornea
    and premium cataract/refractive surgery. This is where the physician and patient need is
    greatest for advanced corneal health, and it’s where we find additional unmet needs
    that we are positioned to address for our customers. Our vision is to be the world’s
    leading and most trusted corneal health company for providers and patients, and the
    leadership team and I are excited to introduce a name that represents this expanded
    TearLab introduced osmolarity testing as an innovative, objective diagnostic tool in the
    eye care market with the TearLab Osmolarity System in 2010. The device has since
    become a routine and even essential part of eye care, with over 24 million tests
    completed worldwide. Doctors have come to rely on the objective clinical data from this
    90-second test to help them make informed decisions about dry eye disease, and the
    ASCRS OSD Algorithm deemed osmolarity an “essential” preoperative diagnostic test for
    cataract and refractive surgeries. 1 It will remain a flagship device in the Trukera Medical

“Corneal health is an exciting focus for us because precise, predictive and practical
corneal evaluation can inform treatment in all aspects of ocular health,” explained
James V. Mazzo, Executive Chairman of the Board at Trukera Medical. “Customers have
expanded the use of osmolarity testing from aiding in the diagnosis and management of
corneal disease to ensuring risk factors are identified for minimizing refractive surprises
after surgery. As Trukera, we’re looking forward to helping improve patients’ lives even
further by advancing doctors’ capabilities around corneal health.”
The first new product under the Trukera Medical brand will be announced later this
month and launched at the upcoming World Cornea Congress and American Academy of
Ophthalmology. To learn more and get the latest news, visit www.TearLab.com.
1. Starr CE, Gupta PK, Farid M, et al. An algorithm for the preoperative diagnosis and treatment of ocular surface
disorders. J Cataract Refract Surg. 2019 May;45(5):669-684. doi: 10.1016/j.jcrs.2019.03.023.

About Trukera Medical
Trukera Medical is a global leader in developing and marketing comprehensive corneal
health technologies. The company introduced tear osmolarity testing to eye care with
its flagship device, the TearLab Osmolarity System, which has been used over 24 million
times worldwide. Trukera’s expanding portfolio continues to focus on improving corneal
health, both as a primary goal and in preparation for surgery. Get more details and new
product announcements at www.TearLab.com.