Gabrielle Ouellet will run three marathons in one month to raise money for vision health research

Transitions Optical in Canada has pledged their support of Gabrielle Ouellet’s GO Challenge benefitting the Fondation des maladies de l’œil (FMO). Former international model Ouellet, known as “the girl with the cat eyes,” has launched her challenge to raise money for vision health research.

Ouellet was born with a rare genetic condition called Cat Eye Syndrome, and as a result has been interested in helping to fund research into eye diseases for a number of years. It wasn’t until she ran her first half marathon in 2016 that she saw the opportunity to combine her newfound passion with her philanthropic efforts. As a result, Ouellet launched the GO Challenge where she will run 126.6 kilometers across three marathons in Montréal, Québec and Toronto in less than a month to benefit the FMO and eye research.

“Gabrielle is a driven, vivacious young woman, and her amazing life story demonstrates this admirably,” said Isabelle Tremblay, director of sales and marketing, Transitions Optical Canada. “She’s an inspiration not only for people with visual impairments but for anyone who, like Transitions, strives for societal values of renewal, excellence and self-improvement. As soon as Transitions heard about her daring GO Challenge we wanted to tip our hats to her courageous spirit and support this determined young woman.”

Industry professionals interested in learning more about Ouellett’s life story and the GO Challenge, or who would like to make a donation to the GO Challenge can visit

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